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About Zhaofeng

Factory is located in the beautiful and rich hangzhou-jiaxing-huzhou plain, The traffic is very convenient, From the new Shanghai-Hangzhou highway 300 meters away from Shanghai, Hangzhou is only 90 km.
Factory is an enterprise specializing in the production of nuts, Nut production introduced technical staff, With over 20 years of experience in nut processing, With 40 production facilities nut (set). The introduction of the latest 24 sets of Taiwan nut processing automatic production lines, The technology level of international leadership department.
Stable and reliable product quality, The current production din, ansi, gb, iso, bs standards for various types of nuts.Our focus on management and promote efficiency, Efforts to reduce product cost, In terms of technology, The cost of maintaining the credibility of all aspects of competitive advantage. Year with exports amounting to more than eight million U.S. dollars.